“Consumer demand can revolutionize the way fashion works as an industry. If everyone started to question the way we consume, we would see a radically different fashion paradigm.”

- Carry Somers, co-founder of Fashion Revolution

All our production methods are sustainable with a great focus on our social responsibility as a fashion brand. For this reason, all ARTEANA shoes are handmade in Italy with help from female artisans across Europe to ensure that credit and compensation for originality, design, and heritage are distributed fairly.

Our designs empower antique artisan techniques such as Merletto di Burano, Granny Square Crochet, and Shell Stitch Crochet and have been used to create new unique, colorful, and elegant styles for the trendy and conscious woman in search of La Dolce Vita.

We've diligently spent months searching for the best production partners and material suppliers in Italy and Spain who help us ensure high sustainable standards and ethical work conditions for everyone involved in our supply chain.

The materials used in our collections have been hand-picked from certified, sustainable suppliers in Europe and we have spent months building relationships with all artisans, and craftspeople involved in our production, have visited their workshops, and had the pleasure of experiencing their passion, dedication, and quality of work-life.

Get a full overview of ARTEANA's supply chain here.