Founded by Aquazzura alumni Veselina Chebanova, Arteana is a sustainable luxury footwear brand, created with a dream to inspire la Dolce Vita - without compromising our planet and its people.

A dream and a vision, sparked through years of education and experience in fashion design and sustainability, and refined into Arteana’s unique ethos;

Encouraging to indulge in luxury footwear while choosing to show kindness, sympathy and care for our Planet and its People through sustainability.


As the youngest daughter of a talented tailor, Veselina Chebanova grew up surrounded by craftsmanship, learning to appreciate and respect antique artisan heritage techniques at a very young age.

With a distinct curiosity for innovation and passion for luxury and sustainability, she spent 8 years studying the arts of luxury fashion & sustainability at three of the world's most prestigious fashion institutions including Polimoda in Florence and Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

Upon graduating, Veselina launched her professional career as one of the foundations and creative forces behind the successful luxury footwear brand, Aquazzura. Remarkable results with Aquazzura empowered her advance to a leading position in ZARA's global footwear design team where she became the architect behind their bestselling feminine footwear in 96 markets.

After 15 years in the fashion industry, learning and witnessing the environmental impact of overproduction in the fast fashion industry and the damages caused by unsustainable growth strategies without respect for originality, Veselina felt an increasing responsibility to catalyse positive change in the fashion industry and launched her own brand, Arteana.


With a lifelong dream of launching her own brand, Veselina expressed her love for the magnificent city of Florence, la Dolce Vita, and sustainability in her first collection for Arteana, and brought life to signature styles such as the Amalfi pump and the Roma sandals;

Both styles immediately recognized by celebrities, media, and leading luxury department stores around the world for their unique designs and focus on craftsmanship.

Since then Arteana, a brand name and neurology created through a combination of the words “Arte” and “Italiana”, has been championing antique artisan techniques through sustainable, handmade production methods in Italy with help from expert artisans each dedicating up to 6 hour of handwork per pair of shoes.

All Arteana collections are designed by Veselina Chebanova and handmade by artisans in Toscana, either individually or at family-owned factories, who partner with Veselina to bring antique craftsmanship techniques to life again through luxury footwear.